ArcGIS REST Admin Layer Update Definition does not work

07-31-2019 01:43 PM
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Has anybody managed to get the ArcGIS REST Admin Layer Update Definition to work on "Hosted" feature services (stored in ArcGIS Enterprise relational data store) using on-premise ArcGIS Server and Portal?  We are running version 10.5.1, and can't get it to work even for a simple update of a coded value domain.  The system always returns a

{  "success": true }

 message but the domain definition is never really changed (e.g. new values are not added).

I've seen other people also struggle with it, but no useful ESRI response.  Here's a link to the closest similar cases I've managed to find (scroll towards the middle of the discussion):

Incidentally, I am not sure if this is related, but we've also noticed that the QueryDomains function of a hosted feature service also does not work.  It always returns "Error performing query domains operation".  We do not get the same error when dealing with feature services from a managed geodatabase (as opposed to the hosted feature services that use data from a relational data store).

Thanks for any assistance!

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