Empty fields after load data

09-07-2020 11:53 PM
Esri Contributor

I use data loader in production mapping to merge features into a single .gdb. My problem is, data in certain fields become blanks. These fields (from the source gdb) used to have values but onced loaded into the target gdb, its gone. I had the schema properly exported from source gdb and imported into target gdb and validated it. Everything seems to worked well without errors until i have a look at the .gdb. Wondering did i missed something here.

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Hi Azran,

Thank you for attaching the screenshots.

Launch ArcMap and open a brand new Untitled.mxd. In the Catalog window, browse to your cross-reference database and add the FieldMapping table to your map. Open the FieldMapping table and browse to the DatasetMapID that corresponds to the B_Buildings_A_Source feature class. Are the fields created_user, created_date, last_edited_user, and last_edited_date present in the SourceField and TargetField columns?

What version of ArcMap are you using?



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