ArcGIS Pro: How to download USGS Lidar files in mass from the FTP server

07-10-2020 08:57 AM
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This is an video to show you how to access lidar data for mass download using the The National Map and the backdoor ftp site at using the title of the lidar to find the directory with the laz files. It will show you how to take the tile shapefile and create a field with the download path directly as a hyperlink in the shapefile.   This shapefile can then be published a layer to go online and used in a scene or map to allow a link to download las files.   You can select and copy the ftp links in ArcGIS Pro to put into a text file to use programs that allow you to download multiple las files at a time.  To convert the laz to las 

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Nice power user level info! Thanks

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Does anyone know the setting to login directly to their FTP site and bulk download that way?  It'd be faster than this process.

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