ArcGIS Pro - From 2D to 3D at your fingertips - Israel ESRI's User Conference (Systematics) Nov. 2015

11-08-2015 09:49 PM
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This Video exemplify the workflow of taking your 2D data and maps and convert it to an impressive 3D scene with ArcGIS Pro.

This can be done without the need for more then a Basic license level without any extension (Of course you can enrich your scene with the usage of accurate DTM and attachments).

The video is based on a Demo session, given in Israel ESRI's User Conference (Systematics) 2015.

סרטון זה מדגים תהליך עבודה של מעבר ממידע דו-מימדי לתצוגה תלת-מימדית מרשימה באמצעות

ArcGIS Pro.

תהליך זה ניתן לביצוע באמצעות רשיון ברמת


הסרטון מבוסס על הדגמה שניתנה במהלך כנס ה


של חברת סיסטמטיקס בנובמבר 2015.


The data sources includes Mei-Netanya and the city of Netanya.

The 3D Pictometry buildings are courtesy of PLW ModelWorks

The rpk used for the buildings polygon is BuildingFacadeTexture.rpk, uploaded to ArcGIS Online by Petr Bocharnikov

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