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UNC path use with dataSoureUrl

12-20-2016 06:53 AM
New Contributor II

My Add-in adds a .lyr file to the current map. When my Add-in reads the .lyr file located on my computer it works fine, but when I point to a copy of the same file on a shared network folder with a UNC path there is an error. I am using the regular UNC path format

string dataSoureUrl = @"\\host-name\share-name\path\file.lyr";

Am I doing something wrong?



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Esri Regular Contributor

Can you post a complete code snippet and we will attempt to reproduce. Also....this is 1.3? Thanks

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New Contributor II

That's very kind of you Charles. Right after posting this, I realized how foolish the question is and would have deleted it if I could. I was using a very long UNC path and made a mistake typing it.

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