Unable to install Addin to other machine with thirdparty controls(DevExpress)---Where to install AddIn referenced(DevExpress Controls) DLL's

05-13-2021 01:55 AM
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Hello, Team!

When I tried to open an Addin with Thirdparty control (DevExpress controls) in ArcGIS Pro desktop application on another computer, ArcGIS Pro crashed with a "error."

Details About Addin: My AddIn uses custom images and references devexpress dlls such as DevExpress.Xpf.Core.v19.2...etc.

I've tried the suggestions below, but the problem persists.

1.For each additional library reference you need to set “Copy to local” to True.

2.Set Build Action to "Add-In Content" and Copy to Output Directory to "Copy always" for each image in the Image folder.



3.In Config.daml file, set the insertModule autoLoad attribute to True.

To check is your additional library is included to AddIn ,i have rename xxxx.esriAddinX to xxxx.zip file and check its content with your archiving software or go to AddIns folder and found all thirdpart .dll is in install folder and images also included in Image folder.

Then after i am getting crashes issue while opening Addin in ArcGIS Pro Desktop in another machine.

Please help me to fix this issue 



Amit Kumar Kulha




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