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06-20-2020 08:44 PM
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I am setting up the ribbon in ArcGIS Pro using a configuration.  One of the buttons is a split button.  There are currently 31 menu items plus separators.  However, we'd like to move 11 of those to a submenu.

Is this possible?  I haven't been able to figure out the right DAML and also have not found anything online on how to do this.

When defining a menu, you can add a submenu (referencing another menu).  But menu is not a valid element under splitButton.

We cannot change the split button to a menu because we would like a default button behavior on it instead of just opening the menu.



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Hi Kris,

You are right - "Menus" cannot be included in a split button.

To understand what you are trying: You have many buttons (31) that you want to categorize. If so, have you seen "gallery" controls in Pro?



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Thank you for the quick reply, Uma.  My manager will look into using the gallery instead of the split button in this case and see if it fits for us.

By the way, the separator attribute on a tool reference of a tool palette (or button palette) does not appear to work.  The attribute works just fine for menus.  It would be nice to see this working the next update.

When using the buttonPalette, I have the dropDown and menuStyle attributes set to true.


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