Run GpTool using a class

05-14-2018 04:46 AM
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Hello all

In ArcObject when you run a gp tool it has it's own class where each parameter is a class property.

It makes your code easier to read and maintain (you do not need to give parameter in order and to remember what is the 3rd parameter, etc.)

I could not find such option in Pro SDK.

Is it possible or planed for some next release?


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Each tool having a class approach is not taken in ArcGIS Pro SDK. I'll pass this info to the team.

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To add to what Nobbir explains, there is currently no plan to take this approach for executing a tool within the ArcGIS Pro SDK. We recommend you can start an ArcGIS Idea and provide your value statement why this would be beneficial, and others can also comment and vote on the idea. ArcGIS Ideas 

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