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Right Click Context Menu

03-26-2018 07:09 AM
Occasional Contributor III

I have a button I created in my tool bar that opens a custom attribute form that I created.  I would like to add this button to the right click menu of the selected feature context menu.  So when one or more features is selected, and I right click, my Open Attribute Menu item will be on the list.  In ArcObjects I was able to do this by adding it to the Command Bar for the Edit Tool menu.  I was hoping that it would be this simple in ArcGIS Pro, or if I was able to do this in the DAML somehow.  My initial efforts or simply adding a menu in the DAML and setting ContextMenu="True" and adding my button reference did not work.  But i feel like I am missing something that might make this process quite easy as I do see contextMenu in the xsd for ArcGIS.Desktop.Framework.

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by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor

Hi M,

 A slightly different workaround: Since the problem does not exist for add-ins you can actually create the context menu in a separate add-in until the problem is fixed in configurations.  Your configuration can still take advantage of the context menu even if it exists as a separate add-in.


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