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Results Pane for ArcGIS Pro

04-12-2019 11:21 AM
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In ArcMap there was the 'Results' pane...see screenshot below.  Is there an equivalent to this for ArcGIS Pro??  I notice that when you run a Geoprocessing Tool, a messagbox will appear that you can click on to get more details.  I'm assuming that this is the replacement for the 'Results' pane?  What is this, and how do I get access to it through the API in order to present custom messages to users as tools are running, or completed running. 

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I use the History tab of the Catalog Pane, it gets saved with the project and has all of the previous tool runs and messages in it. Hope this helps.


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Thanks Daniel,

Do you know if this 'History' can be updated manually?  It appears as if it gets updated after a Geoprocessing Tool or another tool in a Toolbox is run, but what I want to do is add entries as custom .NET Add-Ins run.

I'm looking at the HistoryProjectItem class, but can't seem to figure it out.

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When you run a process, e.g. "clip raster" the geoprocessing toolbar has the progress indicator at the bottom of the window.  Mouse over it and the pop up alongside it has "Messages" at the bottom of the window, youmay need to scroll down.  Not quite as good as the previous results in Catalog, but something!

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