Progress dialog not displayed in debug builds

02-18-2021 12:50 PM
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Pro 2.7, VS 2017.

My add-in's progress dialog stopped displaying in debug build with the message, "* * Warning: Progress dialog is disabled when debugging * *", in the VS output window. Can this be disabled, i.e, the progress dialog display re-enabled? Whatever was done seems to also disable the "_RPT*()" statements (crtdbg.h) in my C++ code that I need for resolving some complex issues.

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by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor

I am not aware of any methods to re-enable the progress dialog during debugging.  This feature has been disabled by design for reasons unknown to me.  I only write my add-ins in managed code and in order to debug a complex issue where I need to see that last state I usually use System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine() to output the state of my code.  The output is then displayed in my Visual Studio output window.  I am not sure if there's an equivalent C++ method.  In some cases when needed to sift through a lot of data I used a log file.

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The _RPT*() fucntions are the C equivalents of the System.Diagnostics.Debug.Write*() methods (which I use in the managed code portions of the add-in). It's definitely helpful to be able to see my debug output in the same stream as messages emanating from ArcGIS. So I hope ESRI will change something if it's not possible to do this in the current release.

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Oh, come on Wolf.  You have the power to tell them what to do, right?  (I kid)

I can't cancel, so it would be very helpful to me to have a cancelable dialog.  But it is what it is.   I can always move the active line while debugging to an "exit sub" or "return" line (I am stuck in VB.NET).



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Yes, this is super annoying. I lost hours trying to work out why my progress dialogs would not show up, even when running a Release build. It seems the only way to see them is to run the addin without Visual Studio connected at all. This makes it really hard to test progress bars. Can ESRI please fix this issue? Thanks.

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Yes this is rubbish by ESRI - they need to re-instate this. Its just not helpful at all.

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