Plug-in Data Sources for ArcGIS Pro

04-20-2018 12:58 PM
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Does ArcGIS Pro SDK support proprietary data formats by applying plugin data source? For example we have CAD (.NCZ) file,  ArcGis Pro does not support this format (.NCZ) but can be done by implementing a plug-in data source using  ArcGIS Pro SDK?

We can solve this problem in ArcMap (using Plug-in Data Sources with ArcObjects 10 .NET SDK Help ) . How can we solve in ArcGIS Pro SDK? Are there any mechanizm like Plug-in Data Sources like ArcObjects? 


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Hi Taner,

ArcGIS Pro does not currently support plug-in datasources.  This is an active R & D project that we've been working on.  It won't be ready for the summer 2.2 release, but we hope to make it available in a subsequent release.


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A colleague pointed this post out to me and made the excellent suggestion that I add another reply.  We added plugin datasources in the Pro 2.3 release.  More information can be found in the conceptual doc.  We've also provided a guide that shows step-by-step how to create one.

by Esri Regular Contributor
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For completeness:  we also added some samples that show how to combine plugin datasources with project custom items in order to integrate your plugin data source into the ArcGIS Pro catalog browsing experience: