Performance Issue?

02-24-2020 01:05 PM
Occasional Contributor III

I have noticed that SaveEditsAsync quickly followed by RedrawAsync will result in a performance hit.  If there is no edits between the two commands, RedrawAsync seems to take some time.  I have tested this by making a new edit button that does the following that just saves the edits and redraws the map.

internal class SaveEditsAsync : Button
        protected async override void OnClick()
            await Project.Current.SaveEditsAsync();
            await MapView.Active.RedrawAsync(true);

This time becomes bigger than if I just SaveEditsAsync, then make a vertices change, then RedrawAsync using OOB tools.I cant seem to put saveedits and redrawasync back to back.  Has anyone else noticed this?  If I do an edit in between calling them I am fine.

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