Multipoint Layout Graphic Elements?

07-01-2020 12:23 PM
New Contributor III

I'm trying to programatically create a few types of charts within a Layout - point charts, line charts, and bar charts. Line charts and bar charts are both going to be sets of polylines, and given that Polyline objects can be combined to make one big Polyline, these chart types require only one call to LayoutElementFactory.Instance.CreateLinegraphicElement (we can just pass the combined Polyline).

I'm not seeing a similar method that takes a Multipoint. So, in the case of a point chart, we're having to call CreatePointGraphicElement for every single point on the chart, passing each Coordinate2D at a time.

Are there plans to add a method to LayoutElementFactory that takes a MultiPoint, a list of MapPoints, or a list of Coord2D? Either an overload of CreatePointGraphicElement or a new method called something like CreateMultiPointGraphicElement?

If not, is there a workaround that would allow for the creation of a multiple point GraphicElement with only one call to a LayoutElementFactory creation method? Element creation incurs a lot of overhead, and thus far we've been able to make big improvements in performance by condensing those calls.

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