Monitor Resolution Changes and Dialog issue

08-12-2020 06:38 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi Guys,

I recently found out an issue on the openitemdialog, saveitemdialog in ArcGIS pro.

The issue occurred when user suddenly switch back and use the ArcGIS pro from big screen (32 inch, high resolution external monitor ) to 12 inch monitor (laptop).

Those dialog windows open and display below the taskbar, at around bottom 50 pixel of the monitor. (This affect open project dialog as well)

Is there any way to force and launch those dialog to the centre of the screen?

 OpenItemDialog addToMapDialog = new OpenItemDialog()
                    Title = "Select a text file",
                    MultiSelect = false,
                    BrowseFilter = textFilter //or use defaultFilter or contentFilter...


                if (addToMapDialog.ShowDialog() == true) //showdialog to center?

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