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01-23-2020 07:58 AM
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I am working on a Arc Pro .NET add in that uses APR feature classes. I would like to programmatically determine if a feature class is an engineering network or derived network, and what it's related  feature class would be. i.e. this feature class is an engineering network, and its derived network is X, and vise versa.

Is this possible in the .NET SDK?  I briefly saw some documentation about determining this through arcpy. In the case that I would need to wrap an arcpy call, I assume that the arc pro instance this is running on, would need to have a valid licence for the Location Reference Extension. I ask because not all our developers have this licence.

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Hello Kory, there currently is not a Pro API for ArcGIS for Pipeline Referencing (APR) available at this time, and it is not on the near-term roadmap.  APR aside, it is possible to call a Python script from within an add-in, and this would require that Pro is running.  A code snippet can be found here.

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