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I'm looking for something similar as "IGraphicsContainer" in ArcObjects.

10-13-2016 12:41 PM
New Contributor III

I want to display a (temp) geometry in ArcGIS Pro. In ArcMap there is the IGraphicsContainer, which I can use. I'm looking for something similar in Pro SDK, but can't find it. Is this upcoming or do I need to create a workaround?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Collin

Here is a sample that contains three different examples of working with Pro's graphic overlay: 

There are also some code snippets available here: 


Uma Harano

ArcGIS Desktop SDK Team.

New Contributor III

Hi Uma,

Thanks for your help. It's simpler than I thought, I just have to use the MapView.

Your url's are pointing to an unknown source, so I'll repeat them here: 


Best regards,

Collin Kleiboer

GisSense BV

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