How to store the geometry(generated by using GeometryEngine.Instance.Buffer) into OracleSpatial as st_geometry

03-10-2021 12:18 AM
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Hi All,

    We are creating a buffer geometry and we would like to utilize this buffer geometry for some analysis, which is going to utilize in Oracle spatial functions .

FYI: We have utilized geometry.ToJson() to convert the geometry into JSON and then read the coordinates. This method is working well, If the geometry is having only rings.

Steps: Read JSON geometry, capture the coorinates, pass these coordinates to Oracle procedure, create SDO_Geom based on this coordinate string and then convert back to ST_Geometry using Oracle spatial functions.

But, If the Geometry has CurveRings - then we were unable to follow the same process.

Can someone please help me - how to pass this geometry into Oracle spatial effectively.

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Did you try replacing the curves with linear approximations?  

Generalize can do this.

"For non-linear segments, if preserveCurves is false, then the generalized output contains points along all parts of the curve, not necessarily only the vertices."

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Thanks @KirkKuykendall1 for your reply. I haven't tried this option. Let me check this option and hopefully this will resolve the issue. Thanks again.

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