How to move layer from 2D Layers to 3D Layers

02-24-2017 05:49 PM
New Contributor

I'm working in a local scene and adding many layers at run time.  Some of these layers do not have any z-attributes so they are being added to the 2D layers section in the contents pane.  I want to label these layers and am unable to do so unless they are in the 3D layers section.  If I manually move them to the 3D layers section, everything works great, however I need to get this working automatically but I am unable to do so.  

I have found the SceneLayerType property of the layer which appears to be what I would want to set but this property is get only.  Layers in the 2D Layers section show up as ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping.SceneLayerType.SceneLayer2D.  Is there anyway to set this property or is there another way to move layers from the 2D Layers section to the 3D Layers section.  

I know a workaround would be to add z-coordinates to my features so they automatically show up in 3D Layers.  The other problem I have though is if I want to add these to a group layer.  When I create a group layer, it also automatically gets added as a 2D Layer with no apparent way to change this.  

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