How to get the Subnetwork Field Name in ArcGIS Pro SDK

09-08-2020 01:59 PM
New Contributor

How can I get the Subnetwork Field Name of a Domain Network in a Utility Network in ArcGIS Pro SDK? In arcpy, the DomainNetwork object has the subnetworkLabelFieldName property, but in ArcGIS Pro SDK I can't find a similar property in the documentation.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Pedro,

Unfortunately, it looks like that value is not available through the Pro SDK.  We will have to add this functionality in a future release.

I'm not actually sure what the subnetworkLabelFieldName property is on the DomainNetwork in arcpy.  In hierarchical domain networks, each feature can belong to multiple subnetworks.  Because of this, the name of the subnetwork field needs to be accessible at the Tier level, not the domain network level.


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