How to get the detailed arcade script error through code with .Net SDK?

05-01-2020 01:15 PM
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I am using ArcGIS PRO .Net SDK for some Add In

At some point I create or modify feature through the code. 

I also have Arcade expression in attribute rule to ensure data integrity.

Sometime, for some reason, I got and error in the code saying the Arcade Script raised an error. That is fine. But the error does not say which attribute rule.

When I do the manipulation by hand in ArcGIS Pro, I got the same error, but it is detailed some thing like this:

I try browsing the exception to get detail to find the rule name that generate the error but I can' t find more information except the "Arcade script raise an error" message. I  would like to have the detail shown in the above image.

Does anyone have an idea if that information is available with the SDK ?

Here the exception object



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Arcade parser is not currently available through the Pro SDK.


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