How to enable Map tools when we select only Annotation Feature from Create Features window in ArcGIS pro SDK

05-24-2021 11:36 PM
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We are working on a project using ArcGIS Pro SDK. The following is the problem statement.

User wishes to enable  map tools in ArcGIS Pro Add-In , when user select only Annotation Feature Class from Create Features Window.

EX - We used below condition in config.dmal file for Line features. condition="esri_editing_LineSketch_condition" 

Similarly we need condition that work for Annotation Feature Class. 

Your inputs/ideas are most appreciated .

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you could probably make one. Something like....


<dependency name="Editing.daml" />



<insertCondition id="my_AnnoSketch_condition">
      <state id="esri_editing_annoSketching"/><!-- this state is defined in Editing.daml -->

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