How to create a new pane and attach to a New Horizontal Tab Group (or existing bottom tab group)

02-12-2023 12:26 AM
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I'm creating a new pane through code:

var view = new CIMGenericView();
view.ViewType = _viewPaneID;
var newPane = FrameworkApplication.Panes.Create(_viewPaneID, new object[] { view });

This code automatically adds the new pane to the same tab group as the Map pane however, I want to attach the new pane to the bottom half of the screen underneath Map.

Here's how I can do it on the UI:


and if I was doing it in DAML then I'd probably use Dock="bottom", expect that property doesn't exist.

Would there be any code examples to show how to attach the newPane to a "New Horizontal Tab Group" programatically?

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