How do I create a new mobile style with dictionary renderer info?

04-14-2020 06:26 PM
by Anonymous User
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I would like to create a new mobile style file with all the info needed in the meta table for a dictionary renderer.

I don't see anything mentioned in the Tips for creating custom dictionaries in the Dictionary Renderer toolkit.

When I create one with StyleHelper.CreateStyle, it lacks some rows needed by the dictionary renderer in the meta table:

The  ProGuide Custom Dictionary Style says to just copy the Restaurant.stylx, which has more in the meta table:

If there's currently no tool for creating these stylx files, could I just programatically add these rows?

Are these additional rows the only thing that's needed to make a mobile style file behave as a dictionary renderer?

Suggestion: it might make things easier, if there were a command that could be invoked that would create a dictionary renderer from a unique value renderer.  That way it would already have some of the symbols already set up and maybe even an arcade script so that it begins life acting just like a UVR.  I suspect people will look to Dictionary Renderers when their UVRs become impractical.


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