How can I show the "loading animation" using ArcGIS Pro SDK (C#)?

01-17-2019 07:59 AM
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Is it possible to show that loading animation  using the ArcGIS Pro SDK in C#?

I have create some custom controls, that perform some async calls like getting data from a service, and until the service has responded I want to show that little animation.

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance


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There is a CircularAnimationControl in Pro SDK. Can you use it?

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Hi Max Max, yes you can. Add the control into your user control in the XAML. Bind its visibility to a property on your view model. Whenever you want to show the control, flip the property true or "Visible".

For an example look here:DockPaneBookmarkAdvanced - Bookmark.xaml   (There is also a WaitingCursorControl which acts identically but has a slightly different look is all)

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