How can I get a save oder cancel event for an edit session

02-08-2017 02:29 AM
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I subscribe in my code the EditCompletedEvent in ArcGIS-Pro.
When the user stops an edit session my method onEditComplete is called.
How can I decide in my code whether the user saved or canceled the edit session.
I think EditCompletedEventArgs do not support such an analysis.

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Maybe EditCompletedEventArgs.Members is an empty collection if edit session is cancelled?

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Unfortunately all collections are empty in both cases, save and cancel,
there is no difference
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Any progress on this? czent-esristaff

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by Anonymous User
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Currently there is no public event for save or discard. This is being addressed for the next release and will either be a new event or an extension of EditCompletedEventArgs.

Please let us know if you have any other edit event requirements.

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