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02-10-2022 06:25 AM
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We are trying to replace the old class extension from ArcObjects.

The Pro way is to get the layer events (create/change).

I found this post:

The problem is that the pro events is by layer. If I subscribe when I open the document to all layers that should be handled the user can add a layer afterword.

Do you think it make sense to get the LayersAdded event and to use it to subscribe any new layer to the editing events?


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Hi Mody,

If your users are in a dynamic map environment where they are adding and removing layers that you care about then yes you will have to subscribe to the appropriate layer add/remove events so you can then subscribe to changes on those layers (tables).

If you don't need to respond to the layer changes at the time of the change you can also look into the editcompleted event which will list the layers/features that changed during the edit.

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