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ForwardStar or something like that

07-08-2023 08:18 AM
New Contributor

ArcObjects had ForwardStar, GetToFromJunctions, and GetAdjacentEdges that allows walking the network for analysis purposes and to help with interfaces to other system.

Is there something like that available in the Pro UN API?


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Esri Regular Contributor

Since the utility network is primarily a services-based system, access to fine-grained topology is not available on the client, which includes the Pro SDK.

If the existing analytics framework is not sufficient for your use cases, you can write a custom Server Object Extension using the Enterprise SDK.  This SDK, which runs on the server, provides IForwardStar-like capabilities.

I hope this helps answer the question.


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Esri Regular Contributor

@FenuxLabs Another approach is to use the Export Subnetwork or Trace tool to export the connectivity to a JSON file and use the resulting file to walk the graph. You can find a code sample of how to do this along with instructions over on this community article page: Parsing Utility Network Exports (

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