Esri_Anonymous Feature Service

02-07-2018 01:54 PM
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I am working with a Features Service in ArcGIS Pro.  This Feature service is reached through our proxy which does the authentication.  The geodatabase behind the Feature Service is used by our current system which uses the old replication mode.  So I don't think I cant disable editor tracking on the tables themselves.

My proble is, whenever I make changes to a field using my features service code, both the CreatedBy and ModifiedBy show up as Esri_Anonymous.  I have tried to explicitly set these to the USERNAME, but it always goes back to Esri_Anonymous.

//This will set the username, but will always revert to Esri_Anonymous
Inspector["UpdatedBy"] = "UserNAME";‍‍‍

How do I go about setting the UpdatedBy and CreatedBy fields for my Feature Service in my ArcGIS Pro SDK code?

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