Drag and drop dockpane onto area of another one

09-25-2018 08:11 AM
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I have an add-in with a dockpane (hereinafter M). M contains an area that can be undocked to separate dockpane (hereinafter S). It is easy to handle hiding of S and return undocked control to the M. I also want to have ability to drag undocked S and drop it onto an area of the M. But it seems drag and drop functionality doesn't work with dockpanes. I set isDropTarget attribute on the M to true in Config.daml, overrode OnDragOver and OnDrop on the M's view model, implement IDragSource on the S's view model but I can't fall into the methods of IDragSource and IDropTarget interfaces.

Is it possible to drag entire dockpane on a control of an another dockpane?

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