Dockpane visible event trigger three times

11-19-2020 10:03 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Guys,


I have one dockpane, when it is visible try to display warning message based on the condition.

I am using pro 2.6 sdk .


The method I overwrite is => protected override void OnShow(bool isVisible)

For the first dockpane open is good, with, but second time click,

It hit OnShow three times, IsVisible => True, False,True 


Is there any workaround about that?


Best Regards,

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by Anonymous User
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I tried this with release 2.6 and i cannot see your issue.  I get isVisible == false when the dockpane hides and isVisible == true when the dockpane is displayed.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Thank @Anonymous User ,

I did try with brand new project and it does working well, a part from that sometime first load got 3 onshow call.

But after testing several time, it is working as expected.


However, the existing projects seem to be problematic, not sure which is causing this behaviour yet.

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