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Deletes in EditCompleted

07-21-2020 02:30 PM
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Hello All,

I am currently handling the EditCompleted event for several purposes.  One is for modifies (if a user moves, rotates, scales, etc. features we are watching for).  And now I am handling deletes.

The event arguments object provides the layers and object ids that have deleted features.  However, these features are already deleted since this is the EditCompleted event.

In ArcMap, there was a BeforeStopEditing event.  In that implementation, we processed any features marked for delete so then in StopEditing we could update our data source (to keep in sync with ArcMap in that case).  I need to do something along the same lines in ArcGIS Pro.

In our FeatureClass we added several fields - ElementTypeId and ElementId.  This gives us enough information to look up the object in our own datasource.  However, since the feature is already deleted, I can't access either field.

Using the RowDeletedEvent on the FeatureLayer is not an option right now.  We have 31 feature layers that we watch/maintain so it would be complicated, to say the least.  Is there an alternative to using RowDeletedEvent?



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Hi Kris,

> Is there an alternative to using RowDeletedEvent

Not at this time but we are looking into better ways to track changes during an edit session.

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