Customize spatial adjustment (transformation method) in ArcGIS Pro?

08-18-2020 01:27 AM
New Contributor


ArcGIS moved almost all spatial adjustment methods into ArcGIS Pro what is good. In ArcMap we use spatial adjustment customization by adding custom transformation method as presented in image below where I have example with unitary transformation which is not by default part of ArcMap. It was possible to do by implementing interfaces like ITransformationMethod and ITransformationMethodRMSError.

I'm investigating possibilities to do something similar in ArcGIS Pro, but it seems it's not possible and instead I need to develop new tool. Below you can see 4 transformation methods and I would like to add one more there.

Yes, custom tool can be developed, but it will be similar to this one and I think that workflow will not be user friendly - instead of just changing transformation method user need to pick other tool.

My question: maybe I missed something and there is some way to add custom transformation method into Transform editing tool?

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