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Communicating with ArcGIS Pro from a 3rd party app

11-28-2017 07:43 AM
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Is there any way to communicate with ArcGIS Pro from another application? What I'm looking for is basically having a link in another application that either opens ArcGIS Pro with some parameters or talks to a running ArcGIS Pro instance. In ArcGIS Pro, an addin of ours would receive these parameters and (e. g.) zoom to a specific location or run a certain query. (Specifically, we're talking about a project management application where some projects are linked to certain locations / geo objects that we'd like to show in ArcGIS Pro for further analysis or custom workflows.)

As a workaround, we could define a shared folder where the other application could create a file with instructions and our addin (using FileSystemWatcher or similar) reacts to new files and handles whatever is neccessary. That seems a bit complicated, though. What would be nice would be some kind of URI scheme that's specific to ArcGIS Pro (something like file:/// or http://, maybe arcgis://).

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There are different options for InterProcessCommunication. On the following page you find an overview of the possibilities:

Interprocess Communications (Windows) 

Because you write that you create your own add-in this is easy to realize. On the other side, it depends what kind of possibility you have.

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