Charts Not Persisting Selected Records When Added to Layout

10-21-2021 09:18 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am not sure if this is how the chart to layout relationship is supposed to behave, but I was expecting a chart added to a layout would maintain the 'selection' look and feel once in the layout and exported to a pdf.  Unless I am missing a step, it appears this is not the case.

This is how the chart is being added

if(layd2.Charts != null)
     int i = 0;
     foreach (var item in layd2.Charts)
        if (item.Name == strChartNameToUse)
           CIMChart theUniversalChart = (CIMChart)item;
           cfUniversal = LayoutElementFactory.Instance.CreateChartFrame(Layout, gf_env, mfElm, layd2AsMapMember, theUniversalChart.Name);


I am skeptical that the chart will maintain this, as when i add a chart to a layout interactively in native Pro, the 'selected' effect on the chart is lost.  Not sure how ESRI views this behavior, but it seems to be flawed from my perspective. 

For this application, for the chart to be more meaningful, the 'selected' dates effect needs to persist.  

If anyone is aware of way around this within the current product, please let me know.

If this is the 'correct' behavior, I would like to request the selected effect persists when the chart is added to a layout.

The following screen shot shows this condition in Pro.  The top part of the image shows the layout in Pro, the lower part shows the chart as it is displayed in the Pro session. As indicated, the selection effect is lost in the chart within the layout.



Any insight would be appreciated.





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