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Attribute Rules and system architecture dependencies

04-07-2023 07:46 AM
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We are developing a editing application that leverages ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise. We are in the process of reviewing and choosing an approach for triggering changes to "related/associated" features/records when features/records are added/update/deleted...

...we did the research on Attribute Rules, but have not found answer to these questions:

I understand that Attribute Rules _reside_ in the geodatabase, but

  • Do Attribute Rules function based solely on geodatabase logic, or do they require Application tier, or even specifically the Editor Application tier logic in in ArcGIS Pro?
  • We're using feature services. Is there something specific in the feature service edit request that is required to activate an Attribute Rule, and cause it to fire?

Reason for asking: we want to keep ourselves open in the future. In the future, we may be asked to develop  e.g. an editing web application, and we are wondering whether Attribute Rules would work without ArcGIS Pro in the mix so-to-speak.


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Hi Cory,

It was nice to see you in Palm Springs this year.

There are no application or editor dependencies for using attribute rules.  They fire automatically whether you're using Pro, JavaScript, Native Maps SDK, or REST. They are fired automatically- no need to change your client code. 

I hope this helps!


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Hi Rich,

Likewise, great talking to you at the Dev Summit and thanks as well for
your help there.

Much appreciate the quick reply in this one. This is great news.


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