Are prompts allowed in OnToolActivateAsync

05-02-2019 01:47 PM
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When a user activates a map tool, I want to prompt them for a folder using FolderBrowserDialog. As soon as the dialog opens, the application hangs.  To simplify this test, I also tried just showing a message box. The message box shows, but then the application hangs, and I cannot click OK on the message box or interact with the rest of Pro.  Is there a way to prompt the user during OnToolActivateAsync?

protected override Task OnToolActivateAsync(bool hasMapViewChanged)
    MessageBox.Show("Now we are stuck");
    return base.OnToolActivateAsync(hasMapViewChanged);


Windows 10

Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition

Pro SDK for .NET (and Utilities)

Pro 2.3.2

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