ArcGIS Pro crashing when reopening the existing projects after deploying the AddIn on QA server.

12-17-2021 05:35 AM
by Anonymous User
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I deployed an AddIn in the QA server, but it is not allowing me to open the same project twice as its showing the error.

When I open a new project, it allows me to do so, but when I try to open an old project or a saved project, ArcGIS Pro throws an error.

When I close the application, the xml document below is saved, and after deleting the xml document, I can use the old/saved project as well.

Is there any way I can get rid of this, or do I need to delete the XML document every time I close the application so I can reopen my old project? I don't want to start new projects all the time.


Screenshot 1 : XML document which is getting saved every time when I close the application and due to which I'm unable to reopen my existing project.



screenshot 2: ArcGIS pro crashing 



Thanks in Advance!

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