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Annotation Feature Group element support

06-02-2020 07:37 AM
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I have following ArcObjects code for a tool which I am working on to migrate to an ArcGIS Pro tool.

                Do While AnnoFeat IsNot Nothing
                    If TypeOf AnnoFeat.Annotation Is IGroupElement Then
                        With CType(AnnoFeat.Annotation, IGroupElement)
                            elemList = .Elements
                            childElem = elemList.Next
                            Do While childElem IsNot Nothing
                                If TypeOf childElem Is ILineElement Then
                                    'process as line geometry
                                End If
                                If TypeOf childElem Is ITextElement Then
                                    'process text as point
                                End If
                                oChildElem = elemList.Next
                        End With
                    ElseIf TypeOf AnnoFeat.Annotation Is ILineElement Then
                        'process as line geometry
                    ElseIf TypeOf AnnoFeat.Annotation Is ITextElement Then
                        'process text as point
                    End If

                    AnnoFeat = AnnotFeatCursor.NextFeature

How can we do this using ArcGIS Pro SDK ?

I have upgraded the annotation feature class I used in ArcMap for use in ArcGIS Pro and I am trying to write a replacement for this code block. I read this old post and it says ArcGIS Pro only supports TextGraphic. Is this still same ?

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