animation creation using ArcGIS Pro SDK?

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10-12-2021 11:09 PM
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I am doing my university course work in ArcGIS pro. So i have a few layers that change in time (time animation) and for more informativeness i need to add sun illumination. But when i add this layers become dim because of Earth shadow. It should be noticed that all of the layers are sting binding by the height and the increasing of layers elevation is not the solution of the problem. So is it possible to solve this problem for example by making the layers independent of shadow or by another way?

One more question. So I have some data set that I create using Python, but I create the animation using the built-in custom animation creation environment. Is it possible to fully automate the animation creation process (creation of keyframes and subsequent video export) using the capabilities of the ArcGIS Pro SDK?

picture 1 - layers without sun illumination

picture 2 - layers with sun illumination

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