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AddActivationExtension doesn't work

10-14-2023 11:52 AM
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I'm having a problem with AddActivationExtension on a feature layer. I've created a custom attribute panel that is working perfectly unless my feature layer is joined to a table! I that scenario the AddActivationExtension doesn't do anything and no extension is registered and thereby my custom attribute panel doesn't get loaded.

What to do - any ideas?

if (!fc.GetHasActivationExtension(extension)) {
    CoreDataExtensions.AddActivationExtension(fc, extension);                   



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Currently the code which determines whether a layer in the map should load a custom attribute panel doesn't look into joined tables to transfer activation extensions defined on the component tables to the joined table that the layer is referencing.  Note that joined tables themselves aren't stored in the database and don't support activation extensions.

I (and imagine you too) would expect that it would make most sense for this code to use the activation extensions defined on the left-most table of the joined layer.  We will certainly explore this for improvement at a future release. 

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Hi @John_Jones 

Thank you for your very quickly reply. 

This is very bad news. I have a feature class added to my map and joined that to a table and I'm trying to add an extension on the feature class so I'm able to see my custom attribute editor - but are you saying that isn't possible?

If that is the case do you know about any other option to either replace the default attribute editor or somehow get my custom one to display?

I've been using this sample for my implementation:

Best regards,

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