Add In managed by configuration crashing Pro

02-09-2022 12:54 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have a unique situation where I am using a Configuration to extend Pro, but I would like to be able to manage all of my Add Ins individually via the Add In manager. I also want all of these Add Ins to show up under one custom tab that I have defined in my Configurations config.daml file. In my Add-In config.daml I have set my configuration as a dependency and I am using <updateModule> to insert a group to the tab I defined in my configuration. This works fine and I can get my Gallery of buttons to show up this way. However, the one button I have right now is for a Dockpane. If I click it, Pro crashes. 

I would like my individual add in projects to be in the same solution as my configuration and be able to edit them all under one solution because I have some namespace dependencies that will need to be available to all Add Ins from my custom configuration. So far I tried creating the Dockpane in my configuration and this works fine but it doesn't meet my need. I also have tried creating the Dockpane Add In as a completely standalone project and this works fine as well. Only when I have my add in configured as mentioned above is when clicking the button crashes. I'm starting to think I either overlooked something OR there is some conflict with the GUI thread in my configuration. When debugging this crash produces no output errors in visual studio. It does create a crash log but that isn't very helpful either. Any advice on this would be awesome!

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