Make a delete features end-point in ArcGIS Pro

09-05-2023 12:30 AM
Status: Open
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Deleting features in a service through the .NET SDK in ArcGIs pro (2.9.5) is very slow:

Consider for example this code: if the where clause results in 100 records the code results in 100 http calls to the service. It is not efficient.


var query = new QueryForIds(endpoint) { Where = GetEqualsClause(fieldName, $"'{fieldValue}'") };
var deleteIds = (await QueryForIds(query)).ObjectIds?.ToList() ?? new List<long>();
var response = await DeleteFeatures(new DeleteFeatures(endpoint)
ObjectIds = deleteIds,
Where = GetEqualsClause(fieldName, $"'{fieldValue}'")



If you delete the same number of features with a rest http call, it can be done in 1 query and is 10 of times faster.

It would be great if there was "a delete features end-point in ArcGIS Pro .NET SDK" that can delete multiple records at the same time