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Zip codes xlsx to ArcGIS Pro and data population

02-08-2022 02:19 PM
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Hi all. I am bit in a pickle. I have a xlsx file that contains the zip code starting with the number 0, formatted as zip code in each cell. However, when I import the xlsx file onto ArcGIS Pro the attribute table populates the table without the '0' as the starting digit. Is there a way for ArcGIS to recognize the starting '0' in the zip code? 

Additionally, once I have the zipcode in place. How do I populate my attribute table to the map? Please see example below. 


Thank you all for your help! 


countyagecatrateer1719pop1719county codeFIPS code
Alameda1-2 years277.1343123793.90106001
Alameda10-13 years138.7323232862.80106001
Alameda14-17 years183.5423230547.50106001
Alameda18-34 years559.561491.1E+100106001
Alameda3-5 years293.9541184077.80106001
Alameda35-64 years366.6717219562630106001
Alameda6-9 years268.9620230542.20106001
Alameda65-100 years211.71442681063.40106001
Alameda<1 year183.411462147.60106001
AlamedaAll ages356.81712748004000106001
Alpine1-2 years0051.50206002
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I'm not sure if this will work necessarily, but you could try formatting your data in Excel as a table, and specifying the data type for the zip code column explicitly as Text instead of a number, and then importing it into ArcGIS Pro.

Alternatively, you could add a letter to each field, import it into GIS, and then remove the letter using Calculate Field.
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