Your opinion about ArcGIS Pro?

08-24-2021 10:56 AM
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I had the pleasure to work with ArcGIS Pro the last few weeks. I am not a very experienced GIS user. I am a kind of student you can say, with 3 years work experience with GIS (ArcMap, QGIS). I was looking forward to work with ArcGIS Pro, because I hoped that the major problem of ArcMap would be solved. But after the first week I was fairly underwhelmed. I appreciate the new look and in my opinion it is more enjoyable to navigate through ArcGIS Pro. Nevertheless, the amount of mapping possibilities are rare in comparison to ArcMap. Even basics ArcMap offers are not available in ArcGIS Pro. Sometimes I had to work simultaneously with both, just to run tools in ArcMAp, that werent implemente in ArcGIS Pro.

What is yopur opinion about ArcGIS Pro? where do you see it in the future

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ArcPro is the future; ESRI has already said that ArcMap will no longer be supported in a few years.  I use ArcPro and ArcMap daily, ArcPro is much faster when panning and zooming in or out; ArcMap is faster at processing.  I have yet to find any tools that are not in ArcPro.  Which ones did you find that are not available in Pro?

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If you're on 2.8, check out the Command Search tool that has been added. There are a few cases where a toolbox has been renamed or a menu / button is in a different place, but with very few exceptions, you should be able to find all the same tools in Pro.

Lots of folks are still on ArcMap because they have built large workflows which depend on it, or else they've been using it for years and years, and the productivity hit of learning a new tool doesn't seem particularly worth it. If you're starting from scratch, though, and you don't have a really strong reason to be in ArcMap, you probably shouldn't.

As @Anonymous User points out, ESRI has said that ArcMap will not be actively supported after 2026, and the current generation of server software (10.9) is the last that will support publishing from ArcMap, if using ArcGIS Enterprise is a concern of yours.

- Josh Carlson
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I've been an ESRI user continuously since 1990 and have seen a number of software rebuilds along the way. It's been nearly two years since I've used ArcGIS Pro exclusively; I think this is the best I've seen.  Never look back....

That should just about do it....
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I'm a fan of Pro. I've been using Esri apps since coverages and AML were things, and I have spent years using Mapinfo and QGIS to for comparison.

No software package is ever finished or ever stable. But the trend is that over time they have become better.  I think Pro is better.

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Like @JoeBorgione , I've used Esri products since 1992 (ArcInfo Workstation, ArcView*GIS, ArcMap and now ArcGIS Pro).  Although I work for Esri Training Services and am a little biased, I think each new release of ArcGIS Pro improves upon the earlier release.  The initial release of any new software has growing pains and is developed over years.  When ArcMap 8.0 (1999) came out a way, way long time ago I found it did not have functional equivalency until 9.2 (2006).  Then and only then did I switch from ArcView*GIS to ArcMap only.  I'm sure many customers will stay with ArcMap for years to come and that's fine.  But Esri has stated that ArcMap will be retired in March 1, 2026 and not be functionality changed after the 10.8.x release.  So in time, users will have to migrate from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro when they're ready.  In the meantime, the ArcGIS Pro team continues to improve the product, squash bugs, work on functional equivalency and much more.  Happy GIS'ing!