why does thin las tool give out of memory error

09-26-2019 10:49 AM
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I am trying to run the thin las tool, 2cm by 2cm, on a 7mil point cloud. I keep getting an out of memory error. is there any way to fix this, besides tiling the data?

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Would need more details of your environment, LAS format, version of Pro. Exact steps to reproduce

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The Thin Las tool gives me an out of memory error regardless of the settings.  I'm on a windows 10 machine with 96GB of physical ram running ArcPro 2.7.1.  The files are LAS 1.4 (format 6) and I have tiled them so that the largest laz file is only 75 kb. Even so, Thin LAS tool gives me an out of memory error within a minute despite never using much physical memory.

The Thin LAS tool is the only tool I have issues with and I get the same out of memory error doing 64-bit background geoprocessing in ArcMap (10.6.1).  It doesn't seem to be an actual out of memory issue though because I can get the tool to run by switching to 32-bit foreground processing in ArcMap.

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I am having this same issue when I choose Closest to Average Height for the Point Selection Method. I am also using 3D Thinning Dimension. After clicking run, the 000426: Out Of Memory.—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation error presented immediately.

Running ArcGIS Pro 2.6.1 and working with Pix4D photogrammetry-derived LAS files version 1.2.

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