Why does ArcGIS Pro have to be so slow???

08-01-2017 11:31 AM
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Why is ArcGIS Pro so slow? To select assets, field calculate, display layers, change symbology... the easiest of tasks that are commonly utilized within ArcMap are a drag on the software.

When will ArcGIS Pro become faster than ArcMap? That will be the day it could replace it as the goto product for GIS professionals.

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nobody dares to say it, but it is because they have built it in a way that every single click on the GUI checks for a valid license. Every **bleep** click, so it is super freaking slow. Makes you want to build a competitor really lol... Multi threadded, async and c++, and it is still a lot slower than arc map LOL

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Am I the only person with the inverse of this problem? I have never had ArcMap come even close to approaching Pro in terms of speed in any the workflows I use on a day-to-day basis.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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No, Josh, you're not the only one!  But for some who do try to compare ArcGIS Pro to ArcMap on the same machine, it will be important to ensure that the machine meets or exceeds Pro's system requirements as they are different from ArcMap's.  Troubleshooting Performance Issues in ArcGIS Pro has some important first checks to run, including the ProPAT benchmarking tests, as well as sections to investigate more specific areas like mapping, geoprocessing, etc.

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We are an entire organisation that runs lenovo's latest thinkpad series, computers with hardware that cost roughly $2000+ for the consumers. It is not an issue related to hardware. Every user here has a fiber connection with minimum of 1 gigabit speed, so it is not network related either. Must be the clunky code and tons of mass license validation because arc map does not include these problems - we are currently migrating all our projects to arcgis pro, so it is very frustrating to experience these issues.