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Which function can I use?

07-24-2023 06:09 AM
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Hey guys,

I´m looking for the right function to solve my problem.

I have a shape file with 60000 building features.

Now I would like create a new layer with following result :

I have a starting point and from that starting point I set a Distance (i.e. 1000 m ). Now I need a function which calculates the distance from the starting point throught the streets of open street maps. And then I need a buffer (i.e. 100m ) around every street which is within that 1000m range. And inside the new Layer should be all the Features which are within the Bufferzones.

Anyone may  has an idea?

Thanks very much in advanced .


Best regards

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Esri Contributor

Hey this is a pretty interesting query,

First we will need to calculate the 1000km range. For this I would do a network analysis on your OpenStreetMap data. I believe you can fulfill this with the Route geoprocessing tool or another tool within the Network Analyst toolbox.

From here you will have a Buffered polygon for the 1000km of road. We can then use a Select by Location operation to select all building polygons and Road lines that fall within this.


Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Esri UK -Technical Support Analyst
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