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Whenever I try georeferencing one of the maps completely disappears and I do not know what to do

06-12-2023 10:03 AM
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Hi, I am working with two rasters in the SimpleCylindrical_Venus PCS and I am trying to georeference one to the other. They are of the exact same area but one has a little bit more data on it that I would like to put on top of the other. Whenever I try georeferencing them and click apply the one that I am trying to move just completely disappears. I click "zoom to layer" and it is just a blank screen. All of the Spatial Reference data is the same. I also put it on a global scene and it is in the general correct area but it is MUCH smaller than it should be and I do not know how to fix that either. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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My fix for whenever this generally happens when georeferencing is to make a new copy of the raster and start over. If your raster is a .jpg or .png, converting the new copy to a .tif might also resolve the problem