What will happen with Clip and Ship example in ArcGIS Pro and beyond?

06-30-2021 02:03 PM
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Checking out the roadmap for ArcMap I have a question about the Data Extraction Toolset and the famous Clip and Ship tutorial to create a GP Service o extract data.

Geoprocessing service example: Clip And Ship—ArcGIS Server | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise

Currently we're using this GP Service and it's very useful but we want to start using ArcGIS Pro to manage this GP Service as a Web Tool.

The problem is that I can't found a useful way to publish correctly the GP Service in ArcGIS Pro (specially because I can't copy the Extract Data Task Tool in ArcGIS Pro and it has some details that cannot manage.


Specially with the Area of interest (that creates a new FC) and the scratchWorkspace parameter.


Any suggestions and/or workaround?

Thank you

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Were you ever able to get the clip and ship published in pro?

We are having the same issue and I have yet to find a work around now that ArcMap is no longer supported.

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I'm also curious if you got this working, or if you were able to find any workarounds. Thanks!